Of Troy, Gabriella, Opposites, and Anomalies

Boasting of attractive young actors and catchy musical numbers, Disney’s teen romantic comedy High School Musical was a cultural phenomenon when it was released in 2006 and garnered a huge teenage following that spawned two sequels of the same name. Continue reading Of Troy, Gabriella, Opposites, and Anomalies


High School Musical: A Structuralist and Psychoanalytic Analysis


High School Musical is an original Disney television film that was released in 2006 on Disney Channel. It became a worldwide phenomenon which led to releasing a sequel on the following year and eventually a third movie that made it to the theaters. I chose this film because I was once an “HSM addict” and this time I want to view the text in a different lens using the theories we discussed in class. Continue reading High School Musical: A Structuralist and Psychoanalytic Analysis

Made for TV Movie: High School Musical (2006)

High School Musical is a made for TV movie that aired on Disney Channel in 2006. High School Musical is a movie that revolves around Troy Bolton and Gabriella Montez (played by Zac Efron and Vanessa Anne Hudgens.) The High School Musical had great success during its run, eventually leading to the creation of High School Musical 2 and 3. Troy Bolton is East High School’s basketball star player whose father is the basketball team coach. Gabriella is a chemistry genius, who wants to start anew, that just transferred to East High because of her mom. The two first meet at a New Year’s Eve party where they sang together. Conflicts arise when Troy and Gabriella are both faced with the choice of choosing to pursue their passion for singing (a duet in the school’s Winter Musical) or to stick with their own “status quos.”

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High School Musical

High School Musical is part of the Disney Channel Original Movies or DCOMs. These DCOMs are made-for-television movies produced by, released exclusively for, and showed only on the Disney Channel. The movie, High School Musical, is directed and choreographed by Kenny Ortega and stars actors Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens.

I will attempt to analyze High School Musical using the basic principles of Structuralism.  Continue reading High School Musical

BingBing and her Black Mask

Films are traditionally found in movie theaters. People wait for the actual showing date and fall in line for tickets just to see a movie. But with the advent of technology, films, like all other art forms, are made available almost everywhere. Films can now be seen on TV. Programs such as documentaries emerged. Films can also be downloaded and viewed online through sites such as Youtube and Vimeo. Even through mobile phones, applications have this feature.

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