My Husband’s Lover

My Husband’s Lover (MHL) was a popular soap opera in GMA 7 that took the primetime slot for around four months last year. The story of the soap was about a girl named Lally who was married to Vincent, but apparently was gay and has an unfinished affair with his college lover, Eric. Continue reading My Husband’s Lover


Discourse Analysis on Boys Over Flowers

Sylvia Estrada-Claudio (1999), in her essay in Gender Sensitive and Feminist Methodologies, presented a strategy in employing discourse analysis of texts. She deemed it important to ask four distinct questions in trying to understand the ideologies presented by a certain text. This short criticism employs Estrada-Claudio’s strategy in Discourse Analysis in analyzing the popular South Korean soap opera, Boys Over Flowers.

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Imortal Universe: An Analysis on the ABS-CBN’s TV Series Imortal

In a world where supernaturals are believed to exist, two equally powerful races live – the Lobos and the Vampires. They have been in battle with each other since the start of time because of their differences in ideologies and truths. Continue reading Imortal Universe: An Analysis on the ABS-CBN’s TV Series Imortal

“Looking At A Different Lens” A Discourse Analysis on the Korean Drama, City Hunter

Ever since radio and television began broadcasting here in the Philippines, Filipinos have been borrowing shows from foreign countries as part of the programs. Soap operas are one of the pioneering types of programs in Philippine broadcasting and it has been enjoyed by Filipino families all over the country. Personally, I am not a fan of watching soap operas because most of them are full of drama and the plots are mostly full of cliché, but I watch some episodes from time to time because my family always gather in the living room to watch primetime shows in the evening. One of the shows I watch with my family are Koreanovelas. I have observed that those who start watching a particular Korean drama cannot stop (unless they have the complete copy of entire drama) until they finish all the episodes. Continue reading “Looking At A Different Lens” A Discourse Analysis on the Korean Drama, City Hunter

Deconstructing Teenage Pregnancy in Katorse

Katorse is a noontime soap opera about a small town girl who gets pregnant at fourteen. Nene, the story’s central character, is introduced as young and naïve. She is at the age of playing Chinese garter and wearing braided pigtails. But she would soon fast forward through this phase when her childhood playmate Gabby, who had promised to marry her someday, comes back after years of studying in the city. He has forgotten about Nene and fallen in love with someone else, yet Nene insists that they are meant to be together. Not too long after having her first menstruation, she has sex for the first time with Gabby and gets pregnant. She finds herself straddling between childhood and adulthood. Continue reading Deconstructing Teenage Pregnancy in Katorse


Skins was a British program created by Bryan Elsley and Jamie Brittain, and aired from 2007 to 2013 on the E4 channel. It’s a story about the lives of teenagers from Bristol, England and discusses controversial issues such as eating disorders and substance abuse, among others. It has 4 series but that constitutes for 7 seasons. The first series is comprised of the first two seasons, followed by a second and third series, with a new cast for each. The last season consisted of only three episodes that ran an hour long, highlighting the lives of three chosen characters from the previous seasons. Continue reading Skins

Oh, the Irony: A Deconstruction of ABS-CBN’s Magkaribal

We Filipinos live in a collectivistic culture. Be it a birthday, a work event, or funerals, these interactions always turn into an elaborate social gathering when placed in a Philippine context. Such is our investment in collective assemblies that it is hardly surprising how our media’s focus is almost always on the basest unit of society: the family.

When it comes to Filipino soap operas, it’s no exception. There are your arcs of siblings and/or rivals separated at birth, infidelities and mistresses and children out of wedlock, and the standard unattainable love interests. ABS-CBN’s 2010 suspense drama soap Magkaribal (in English, Rivals) follows the story of two sisters, Anna and Angela (with the pseudonyms Victoria and Gelai, respectively), who are separated as children and later find themselves rivals in the fashion industry without knowledge of their familial connection.

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