Pond’s released a series of commercial featuring “Pond’s Girls” celebrities Toni Gonzaga and Heart Evangelista sharing their “beautiful story”. The ads were released this 2014.

In both ads, the setting is in a studio. There are studio lights, cameras, and the presence of make up artists and assistants. They are both sitting in a comfortable couch, sharing about their life. There are two screens behind them that show some old pictures and clips of the actresses.

The ads suggest that general meaning that women should be beautiful and have a glowing skin to be successful and happy. Both of the ads has a narrative on how their life was transformed and infer that meaning that Pond’s has been their long-time companion for the stories that they are sharing encapsulates a long duration or period of their life. Continue reading #BeautifulStory


Post Colonial Analysis of ABS-CBN’s TV Patrol

TV Patrol is a news program daily aired on ABS-CBN. It is anchored by Ted Failon, Noli De Castro and Korina Sanchez. Applying post-colonial analysis on the text, we can tease out elements that manifest the cultural dimension of colonialism of the Philippines.

First let us see the content of the news. Predominantly they are about crime and poverty. These are the topics that make it on the broadcast. This situation articulates how Third World countries such as the Philippines are viewed not only by other countries but all the more, the Filipino themselves. The text is manifesting that meaning that the Philippines is a poor and unsafe country. The text participates on how Filipinos view themselves and their view on the place where they are living in. I think this further encourages their high regard for other countries and culture, especially the First World countries, particularly those at the West. Filipinos then assume that their country is poor and so much left behind as compared to other nations. Continue reading Post Colonial Analysis of ABS-CBN’s TV Patrol

My Husband’s Lover

My Husband’s Lover (MHL) was a popular soap opera in GMA 7 that took the primetime slot for around four months last year. The story of the soap was about a girl named Lally who was married to Vincent, but apparently was gay and has an unfinished affair with his college lover, Eric. Continue reading My Husband’s Lover

A Critical Analysis on the (not so) Modern Family

The award winning sitcom, Modern Family, debuted on ABC on September 2009. The program follows the lives of three interconnected families in suburban Los Angeles. The show combines traditional and new elements to produce a blended discourse to its viewers.

Continue reading A Critical Analysis on the (not so) Modern Family

If These Walls Could Talk

If These Walls Could Talk (1996) was a trilogy of how three different women dealt with unwanted or unplanned pregnancy and how they thought of abortion as the solution. The stories transpired in the same house but in three different decades, 50’s, 70’s, and 90’s, reflecting the different social views of abortion in each period. Continue reading If These Walls Could Talk