Quick critical reviews of things visible and audible with ye olde critical theory frameworks. Featuring films, YouTube videos, shorts, commercials, TV shows, documentariesanimation, the news, and all that media stuff. #awesome

Deets So Far

Assignment 1 Student-selected media texts dissected with the scalpels of narrative, Marxist, and semiotic frameworks

Assignment 2 Made-for-TV movies analyzed with structuralist and psychoanalytic critiques like cray-cray

Assignment 3 Watching soap operas with poststructuralist/postmodern, and discourse analysis lenses fo shizzle

Assignment 4 The sitcom world under the feminist and SOGIE microscopes



Made by students from Dr. Elizabeth L. Enriquez’s BC 181 class in U.P.’s 1st semester A.Y. 2014-2015.


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