Pond’s released a series of commercial featuring “Pond’s Girls” celebrities Toni Gonzaga and Heart Evangelista sharing their “beautiful story”. The ads were released this 2014.

In both ads, the setting is in a studio. There are studio lights, cameras, and the presence of make up artists and assistants. They are both sitting in a comfortable couch, sharing about their life. There are two screens behind them that show some old pictures and clips of the actresses.

The ads suggest that general meaning that women should be beautiful and have a glowing skin to be successful and happy. Both of the ads has a narrative on how their life was transformed and infer that meaning that Pond’s has been their long-time companion for the stories that they are sharing encapsulates a long duration or period of their life.

As what Toni Gonzaga shared, she became successful in her career after not giving up on what she really wanted to achieve. Toni’s story implies that one can be like a successful celebrity like her if you will allow Pond’s to transform you. She also shares about her struggles in auditions and casting because of her morena skin but arrived in a resolution that being morena is what defines her and her physical color is not a hindrance to her career. One irony that is noticeable is that Toni is obviously whiter than before as what the clips on her background are showing.

On the other hand, Heart’s sharing revolves around her love life and how things turn very well now. She shares that currently she has a successful and happy love life after a number of unsuccessful ones. She mentions that she had to adjust on her previous boyfriends to make the relationship work and be accepted. She had to change the way she dresses, the way she looks and she even had to learn a new language. Her sharing gives that meaning that her current look with the help of the product that she is endorsing is one that is acceptable. The product is the reason why she achieved her successful state in terms of her love life. Heart’s story gives that implication as well that in order to be loved, one should have a beautiful and glowing skin that Pond’s promises to give to its consumers. In addition, there are happy pictures of her and her current boyfriend, Senator Chiz Escudero being flashed on the screens. This situation also somehow articulates the power of the people from the political institutions. Having a relationship with people who have power and who are also popular is something that is desirable and can make you really happy.

What has been left unsaid in the ads is that these celebrities are undergoing massive skin care and cosmetic support that is why they have that beautiful skin. It is not only the product being endorsed that transformed them. Plus, the irony about the ad is that the video inserts in black and white, showing that there were make-up artist and stylists, suggest that they are not in their “natural look” state for make-ups have already been applied to their faces.

These ads generally say that what can be considered as a beautiful story is having a life similar to Toni and Heart’s. They invite women to be inspired by their stories and allow Pond’s to be part of their lives, too. The ads send an impression that Pond’s understand the life of a woman and the product can help in overcoming certain struggles. However, in a deeper sense, the ads interpellate women to participate in the women’s oppressive role and responsibility to be always beautiful and presentable. The ads enunciate the norm of what standard beauty is all about and that a glowing, pimple-free and smooth skin will define one’s success in career and love.

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