Love (Money) Makes the World Go Round: A short criticism of selected TV commercials of PSBank

Recent television commercials of PSBank feature Luis Manzano and Anne Curtis as endorsers. For this paper, three of these commercials will be critiqued. The first one features Luis who is on a date in a restaurant. The advertisement opens with a montage of Luis performing romantic gestures in front of his date. Here is how the conversation goes:


They say, money can’t buy love. That’s true, so true. Pero mahirap magmahal (Luis pushes the bill towards his date)


VOICE-OVER: nang walang pera

(Seven A.D.)

Then enters the endorsement of PSBank products and services.

The second one features Anne conversing through text messages with a fan. This is how the conversation goes:

FANBOY: Anne, do you believe in…love?

ANNE: Of course I do!

FANBOY: Do you believe that if you love someone, you should set them…free?

ANNE: I think if you love someone, you should…SAVE!


ANNE: Mag-ipon ka! Kasi love means never having to say you’re sorry…

Sorry walang pang-rent.

Sorry walang pang-tuition…


Then enters the endorsement of the online banking services of PSBank.

The third commercial features Anne and a possible suitor in a romantic montage. This is how their conversation goes:

SUITOR: If you we’re mine, I’d give you the moon, the stars, I’d give you the world.

ANNE: So I suppose, may savings ka na?


ANNE: Savings! For the real stuff! You know, pagkain, bahay, kuryente…


Then enters the endorsement of the services of PSBank.

If we look at the commercials, we can find a common narrative among the three. All of them begins with a romantic montage, partnered with a romantic music bed and a romantic dialogue. Then comes an interruption. For the first commercial, Luis’ romantic advances was interrupted by himself telling his date that they will split the bill between them, implying that he does not have enough money to pay. His date, even if she seemed disappointed, was forced to comply. For the second commercials, the men’s romantic advances were interrupted by Anne giving a sermon on saving money for the future.

What do these tell us? These texts seem to promote a consumerist thought in implying that love and relationships cannot work well without money. This was actually explicitly shown in the first commercial where the voice-over said, “Mahirap magmahal kung walang pera” (“It is difficult to love without money”). The second commercial imposes that if you love someone, you should save and that love means never having to say you are sorry for not having enough money to pay for rent and for tuition, as if such a mistake can be powerful enough to break up a relationship. However, the third commercial actually seem to be more practical in saying that instead of promising the moon, the stars, and the world to your loved one, you should promise more concrete and essential things such as food and shelter.

Looking at the commercials through gender perspective, we see how they represent the ideal that the men should be the ones to initiate in a relationship. The montage of the first commercial only shows Luis performing romantic gestures and his date just reacting. It even implies that Luis is expected to be the one to pay for the bill. In the second commercial, it is implied that the fanboy is the one who initiated the conversation with Anne. In the third commercial, the suitor makes his romantic advancements while Anne is shown to be walking around graciously, and it makes you wonder if the clips used for this montage are necessary. In all three commercials, the women were not allowed to even make their moves. In the first commercial, Luis’ date did not have any speaking lines at all. In the second commercial, Anne took part in the conversation but her parts were only reactions or answers to the fanboy’s moves. This was also the case for the third commercial.

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